Ali Safina criticized Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) for unprofessionalism


Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) took place last Friday in Dubai. Welcoming almost all the Pakistani celebrities on the red carpet, this award show becomes the talk of the town and is still under the headlines.

However, the management of the show has to suffer a lot of criticism owing to some technical faults witnessed during the show. Ali Safina is also among those who have criticized the unprofessionalism of the organizers.

Ali Safina turned to his Instagram handle and wrote,

“It seemed that the overly excited, yet anonymous, organizers of this show supposedly ‘huge show’ happening for the first time in Dubai have gone missing. Especially after using mine and other artists’ names for publicity that they nominated, invited, but never sent a ticket to.”

He added that “I was asked to send in my documents for visa and travel. After my visa came back I noticed it was a ‘salesperson’ visa which is strange because I’m clearly an actor, not a salesperson. A few days after, I was told to wait on for my travel details and to block out the dates 6th, 7th, 8th.”

He continued, “I, however, didn’t hear back from the organizers or the PR agency with my travel itinerary despite inquiring.”

He concluded his post saying that “It seems like any Tom, Dick or Harry can organize an award show and all they need is a ticket and hotel stay to be there.”

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