Ali Zafar has filed a petition

Ali Zafar has filed a petition against Meesha Shafi


Pakistan’s renowned singer Ali Zafar has submitted an appeal for the further criminal proceedings against Meesha Shafi who has charged him under Sexual Harassment a year ago.

The sexual Harassment case between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar still exists. Ali Zafar has submitted a plea for the criminal proceedings against Meesha Shafi as she has submitted a fake affidavit in the civil court.

Moreover, the petition stated that the evidence and incidents provided by Meesha Shafi were full of contradictions. The dates and consequences do not match. It stated, “The events that Meesha promised and claimed took place afterward.”
Meesha Shafi’s council was unable to prove anything, hence requested for time and didn’t question the witness that was presented by Ali Zafar in the court.

Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi

It was last year when Meesha Shafi has filed a case against Ali Zafar for Sexual Harassment over social media. The case is still going on in the civil court. We can only guess that may be Meesha Shafi was degrading Ali Zafar. She has filed a fake case against him to disrepute him. However, we don’t have clear news or evidence regarding this.

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