Ali Zafar revealed he wanted to do a film opposite Saba Qamar

Ali Zafar revealed he wanted to do a film opposite Saba Qamar


Ali Zafar is Pakistan’s famed actor cum singer while Saba Qamar has always stuns us with her staller performances both on small and silver screens.

Recently, the nes about Ali Zafar wanted to do a fim opposite Saba Qamar is making rounds on the internet.

Amid coronavirus lockdown, we have seen our favorite celebrities making efforts to entertain their fans. Recently, Saba Qamar has a live chat with the fabulous actor Ali Zafar via video.

While they discussed a lot of things during their chat, one important thing that is making rounds on the internet is when Ali Zafar expressed his desire to do a film with her.

While lauding her acting skills, Ali Zafar called her one of the most powerful actresses in Pakistan. In my opinion, Ali is not wrong while giving this statement.

He also expressed his desire to work opposite her in a film.

During the video chat, Ali said,

“Let’s do a film together.”

Surprisingly, Saba has immedeietly accepted his offer and gives her consent in saying yes to him. She immedietely replied,

“I would love to, i would love to share the screen with you.”

Well, we do not know whetehr they were having fun together while stating such lines or whether they are actually planning to make a film together.

The both have been the stunning actors in our entertainment industry. Their fans are quite excited to see them together on the silver screen.

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