Alia Bhatt failure in Kalank

Alia Bhatt opens up about the failure of her recent ‘Kalank’


Kalank Film

As soon as ‘Kalank’ the film, has released its first trailer, the audience’ response was not quite very exciting rather they were miserable.

A lot of money has been put into this film. Beyond just the promotional aspects, the film itself cost a lot of money to produce, from the all-star cast to the extravagant sets.


During an interview with a media person, Alia was asked about how she feels about all those negative responses for Kalank? In response to this question, Alia talked candidly talked about her recent flop. Alia said that “The film industry is a creative industry and sometimes the risks you take either work out or they don’t. For her, ‘Kalank’ is a case of the latter. Indeed, her outlook is pretty reasonable on the entire matter.
“That’s when we learn, pick up the pieces and move on. It is not always sunshine. At times, it rains too. It is a learning experience for everybody”.
Alia Bhatt in KalankAlia Bhatt

Janta ki adalat sab sy bari adalat hoti hy

She goes on to say that “Janta ki adalat sab sy bari adalat hoti hy, and when the audience does not accept the film, it should not do well. That’s just the way it is. We just have to accept that fact and move on. We try not to disappoint them the next time.”
We have rarely witnessed actors who have acknowledged their flops. It was refreshing to see Alia Bhatt talking openly about the reaction of her recent film Kalank. She was the one who owns her mistake and seems to take it in her stride moving forward with her work in the Indian Film Industry.

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