Alif Episode 01 Review


Alif went on air last Saturday and it completely hooked its audience with only this first episode.

Unlike Ehd-e-Wafa, this drama serial doesn’t disappoint its fans and people actually loved it for its cinematography and brilliant acting performances by the entire cast.

The drama serial was actually destined to be a super doper hit with so strong and incredible cast members including the stunners Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ahsan Khan, Osman Khalid Butt, and the gorgeous actresses Sajal Ali and Kubra Khan.

Let’s discuss below what Alif offers us in its first episode.

The very start of the drama serial cast a little boy dreaming about his father who has suddenly turned into a star. The boy wakes up and started writing a letter to Allah. The young boy will be next seen as the protagonist of the serial, Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Qalab-e-Momin, the role played by Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of the intense roles ever offered to him. She has been shown as a shrewd and arrogant director. He only cares for glamour and show off. For him, another person’s feeling is not going to matter as we have seen during his encounter with Sajal Ali as Momina Sultan. He is a successful director and according to him he doesn’t repeat heroines in his films therefore always finding new faces.

Then we have been introduced to the female lead, Sajal Ali who belongs to a middle class family. She needs money for the treatment of her brother Jahangir. He is a kidney-patient.

Just like her other performances, Sajal Ali was superb in Alif as well. She is all set to appear on Momin’s set for auditions to one of his films. The auditions are for the role of side heroin.

Time and again we have been informed that she doesn’t want to be a star. She is only struggling to get enough amount for her brother’s treatment. She is not ready to step into the dirty world where only wearing fewer dresses will make you a successful actress. However, she leaves for the auditions and the worst happened there.

Finally, both Momin and Momina meet each other on the set. Getting unimpressed by her physical appearance, Momin asked her to take off her dupata as it is causing a disturbance in the scene. She is completely unwilling to do so, however, she does it just for the sake of his brother.

Despite being impressed by her acting skills, Momin is not letting her as he believes that she won’t look appropriate for the scene nor even in short dresses. While hearing about short dresses, she refused to wear.

She left the set, however, she forgets her file inside. The real twist started there. She went again to take her file and Momin misunderstood it with hovering around to get a chance. There, she comes in her true character saying that “Me Yahan Kaam leny I hun, Izzat bechny nahi”.

On the other hand, we are again let into the life of the young Momin where his mother, Kubra Khan, informed him that his father is coming back. Both are excited to welcome the guest.

Husan-e-Jahan is another important character in the life of both Momin and Momina. But we are yet uninformed about her.

The first episode ends with Momina thinking about how unlucky she is. She thinks why she always left with disappointment and regrets in her life while painting beautiful calligraphy, Allah.

So, let’s wait for the next episode of Alif and guess what it has in store for all of us.

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