Alif Drama Serial Episode 02 Review


Alif drama serial is getting more attractive and positive views when its second episode went on air this Saturday leaving all spell bound. It has been hooking its audience from the very first episode. All the characters are doing remarkable performances especially the stunning Sajal Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Second Episode of Alif

So, let’s explore the second episode of this blockbuster drama serial.

The recent episode of Alif gives a detailed and important insight into the life of both Momin and Momina. We get to know more about the main characters and their past.

Starting from Momina, the episode begins with Momina recalling the love of her life. Perhaps his name is Faisal, the role played by Osman Khalid Butt. While sitting at the beach, she was talking to him as he is leaving for America. The entire scene was quite emotional as the two lovers were parting and perhaps not for just 4 years but for the rest of their lives.

Bus Momina uski Nahi hy

She is completely heartbroken. It seemed that she is losing faith. She started complaining about her life while sitting in front of her teacher. Sajal’s acting skills are undoubtedly brilliant. The moment she was complaining saying han sari dunia usi ki hy “Bus Momina uski Nahi hy”. We as the audience have felt so much pain and her emotions were reflecting her acting skills. What a superstar she is, I must say.

On the other hand, an important event just unfolded when Momin’s love life, Neha, is someone else’s love life. Yes, she is cheating upon Momin only get a lead role for her boyfriend. She keeps on assuring him that she will talk to Momin about his lead role and he will surely understand her.

However, during the party, Momin gets himself so busy that he couldn’t make is possible to stand next to her boyfriend for more than 2 seconds. But she still keeps on trying.

Then we have been taken into the past, in the life of young Momin who is all excited to see his father but instead, he meets his grandfather who informed him and his mother that their father is not living with him and it’s been 6 years that he has no contact with him.

Young Momin is quite disheartened after knowing this. He tore all his letters into pieces promising to not write them again. Suddenly he saw and ambulance and he is all shocked. Well, things are really getting interesting and complex. We have not yet been informed clearly about Momin’s father. Whether he is dead or alive.


Moreover, we have been shown that Momin is hiding something. Deep inside, there is a connection between him and Husn-e-Jahan. The character of Husn-e-Jahan is not revealed but we are guessing that it’s his mother who is Husn-e-Jahan.

Episode 03 Promo

The promo of the next episode revealed that it was Momin’s mother who is Husn-e-Jahan. On the other hand, Momina is all set to compromise her chastity and honor for fame and money.

The teaser of the next episode really made us restless as we cannot wait to see further developments.


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Alif Drama Serial Episode 02 Review
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