Alif Episode 04 Review


This week’s episode of “Alif marks” exiting twists and turns in the life of Momin. Filled with a lot of important incidents, suspense, and mysteries, “Alif” headed towards further story and plot developments.

Starting off with Momin, he has heard his dada crying in namaz praying for his grandson to follow the path of Allah. Hearing him say this, Momin recalled the time when he was so faithful and trusted Allah Almighty. He is living with his mother and her family who seemed to indulge in inappropriate activities.

He also recalled when he wrote a letter to Allah and tried to post it. While going outside he saw her mother was all dressed and wearing makeup and dancing in front of a lot of men. After his birthday, he was told by his friends that his mother is a bad woman who dances in front of men. He exactly said this to his mother that hurts her feelings.


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Moreover, he also discussed his letter to Allah with his friends who investigated what if Allah won’t reply to him. He said that he would stop worshiping him and would do wrong deeds. Taking notice of his current life, we can guess that perhaps Momin was left alone and Allah didn’t respond to his letters which turned him into a bad man.

After that memory, he asked his dada what he is lacking. Which direction and path he should be on? He has shown him all his trophies and achievements. He told him that today he has fame, name, and money. Everybody in the world knows him. He compared him with his grandfather saying no one knows you. What you have earned through Calligraphy?

Hearing all this, the answer of his grandfather’s side has really given all of us goose bumps. He admitted that no one in this world knows him but his Allah knows him and for a Muslim, it is enough that His creator knows him.


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On the other hand, Momina is all set to go to Lahore for the auditions of a Hollywood film. Her friend has prepared everything for her. During auditions, she felt that she won’t be selected. However, the judged liked her performance and asked her to prolong her stay.


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Her brother’s health condition deteriorates in the hospital. He is suffering from kidney pain and his parents can’t do anything for him.

Momina tried to connect her family but there are some signal issues. One really wonders that she is calling her friend easily while there are signal issues when she called her parents.

Later we have been told that Momin’s grandfather is the teacher of Momina’s teacher. Both are experts in Calligraphy. Momin’s dada cried his heart loud in front of his student that perhaps he will be the last in his family who would seek blessings from Allah and would recall His name.

He told him that he is heartbroken as his only grandson is going on the wrong path. He can’t even instruct him as he is not listening to him.


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