Alif Episode 05 Review


“Alif” drama serial is going at the top of the list because of the perfect storyline and plot. Each character in the story has been picked up perfectly suiting his or her role. Take example of Neha, Momin’s girlfriend. She has been portrayed as such a mean girl who wants favors for her actual boyfriend and hence pretends that she loves Momin. Sadaf Kanwal as Neha was perfect in her dialogue delivery and body language.

Recent episode of “Alif”

The recent episode of “Alif” was deprived of all the past memories i.e. the memories of the young Momin. There were no references to these memories. However, the entire episode revolved around Momina and her struggle to make enough money for the treatment of her brother Jahangir. She is off to Lahore and received signing amount of RS 1 lac in advance. She is happy as she can get her brother a better treatment at any private hospital.

However, destiny has something else to offer. On one hand, she is happy to receive the cheque of Rs 1 lac. While on the other hand, his brother is fighting the battle of life. His condition is critically severe and Momina’s parents are helpless before their lot. They do not inform Momina about Jahangir’s deteriorating condition. They thought she would get worried about his health and would immediately come back to see him.

Neha and Zufi

Momin, on the other hand, is all set to release a press conference where he will be disclosing his cast members’ of the upcoming film. It is pertinent to note that Both Neha and Zufi are over confident that Momin will surely cast Zufi in his next film as Neha is not talking to him and Momin can’t afford Neha’s annoyance. They are enjoying their pre celebrations as Zufi received invitation call from Momin’s assistant to attend tomorrow’s press conference.

However, Momin is not as dumb as they both thought him of. He has his own plans and it would be revealed soon. In my opinion, he is going to unveil both Zufi and Neha in front of the audience so that they may get a lesson to cheat on Momin. However, I am not sure. The exact happenings will be revealed in the next episode.

Coming back to Momina, she arrived Lahore and discovered that her brother has passed away. However, private hospital management is not letting them their son’s dead body as they have not cleared the dues.

Hearing this, Momina has lost her wits. She started weeping bitterly. And of course, she has not enough money to clear the dues. She requested them to manage 1 lac rupees and the remaining amount will be cleared soon. However, they don’t allow this.

Her friends and father contacted all of their close friends for help and after a lot of struggle, they managed to collect the money asked by the hospital management. And finally they have taken the body to their home.

The entire episode of “Alif” was full of sorrow and emotions.

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