Alif Episode 08 Review

Alif Episode 08 Review


Geo Entertainment’s Alif drama serial explained the relationship of man with his creator, Allah Almighty. This week’s episode marks major changes in the life of both Momin and Momina.

Alif Episode 08 Review

They are lost in their lives, finding no direction. Earlier we have seen that Momina has lost her brother and her life completely changed after it. Meanwhile, Neha is trying to defame Momin while assisting his script writer to file a case against him as he has fired him.

Neha is blind in her rage. She wanted to avenge Momin for all the insult that she and Zulfi have faced in the industry. First, she leaked his private pictures and then with the help of Momin’s script writer she sends him the notice.

Momin is all disturbed and wants to get rid of this ‘sick woman’. The episode begins when Momin was talking to his assistant who informed him about the legal notice. He used bad words and inappropriate language for Neha which his dada keeps on hearing. He is surprised to hear all this.

Movie on Spirituality

His dada tried to explain to him what he has been doing in his life. However, Momin misunderstood it saying that his dada considered him an inferior man. A man who has no heart, a man who has no knowledge about ‘Spirituality’. Upon this, his dada admitted that yes he has no knowledge of spirituality. This very word ‘spirituality’ hurts him so much that he keeps on thinking about it all night.


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On the other hand, Momina has been offered a lead and bigger role in the film which has been doing for Hollywood. However, she refused after getting to know that there are some scenes related to intimacy and nudity.

She returns home and discovered that her mother often talks to Faisal. Later, we have witnessed that Faisal came with his mother at Momina’s place to ask for her engagement. Faisal’s mother seemed to be a materialistic woman as it was shown by her behavior.

She gives money to Momina calling it a rasam. Momina’s parents are very happy to know that their daughter is going to a big house and she will meet them in a big car. Momina is happy as well. And the family exchanged pleasant remarks.

Momin’s thoughts are not letting him sleep. He went to his dada’s room where he found him doing calligraphy. He challenged him that he will show him a super hit film based on the concept of spirituality. He challenged him that he will make it and then his dada will realize.

His dada just gives a laugh and challenged him in return saying that if he would be able to make a film successful with the concept of spirituality then he would leave calligraphy for good. However, if his film would flop then he would return to Turkey to continue doing calligraphy. Momin gets again disturbed.


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Momina and Faisal are out to the beach to spend some quality time. Faisal and his mother don’t like Momina’s working in the drama and film industry. He asked her that her parents should leave their showbiz careers too as he will support them financially. Momina is all surprised to hear all this.

Momina refused saying that she has her hands to work for her family. Upon this Faisal said in quite a blunt manner that she doesn’t use hands rather she uses her face and body to earn. Momina gets shocked to hear this.

Alif Episode 08 Review
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Alif Episode 08 Review
Alif drama serial explained the relationship of man with his creator, Allah Almighty. This episode marks major changes in the life of both Momin and Momina.
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