Alif Episode 09 Review

Alif Episode 09 Review


Key Points

  • Momin is surprised over the response about ‘Spirituality’
  • Momina has broken up her relationship with Faisal
  • Momina leaves for America

Alif Episode 09 Review

This week’s episode finally explained the theme of the play which is ‘Man’s relationship with his creator’.  The episode starts with a press conference which is arranged by Momin to disclose information about his new project. Everybody was excited and designers and brands were dying to work for him.

However, the very moment he stated that he is going to make a film on spirituality, everybody has experienced a shock. Even the leading cast of his film was not happy with the subject. Soon after the conference ended, designers and brands started withdrawing their names from the film.

Spirituality has nothing

According to sponsors, Spirituality has nothing to do with them and that it is going to be the flop of the year film. Momin was surprised to hear all this. Famous brands are not ready to finance his new film.

However, with a team of writers, he tried to do the script in the first place. Everybody was confused what Momin is actually trying to present in front of the audience. One of the writers has given his concepts and ides, but Momin doesn’t like them.

When they asked him to explain the relationship of Allah with man, Momin tries to explain but he has no words to offer as he himself doesn’t know what that relationship is.

Momina is all disturbed

On the other hand, Momina is all disturbed to hear that Faisal doesn’t want here to work in the film industry. She thought about his taunt that she earned through her body and face and not by her hands. She decided to break her engagement with Faisal and returns the money that his mother has given to her. She leaves for America to complete her shooting.

However, she is all lost and tensed thinking about her decision and Faisal’s words.

Momin is all lost in the thoughts of Spirituality. He started thinking that perhaps his dada was right when he said that he doesn’t know anything about spirituality.

While thinking about all this, he received a parcel sent by his dada. The parcel was a letterbox to which he wrote his letters sent to Allah. He recalled the time, thinking about those letters. The letter has following words on it “Allah k name, Allah k ghar.”

Perhaps his dada has sent him these letters for the answer of Momin’s all questions.

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Alif Episode 09 Review
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