Alif Episode 10 Review

Alif Episode 10 Review


This week’s episode of the newly begin drama serial Alif has reminded us a lot about our connection to the Almighty Allah. Just like Momin, we are all lost in our lives, forgetting the exact purpose of our existence. Moreover, we get to know more about the character of Husan-e-Jahan and Abu Talha in this episode.

Alif Episode 10 Review

In this episode, we have seen Momin getting lost in the past memories when he used to write letters to Allah about anything minor that occurred at that time. He read all of his letters, and it seemed that he started realizing that his dada was quite right when he said that Momin has lost his connection with Allah.

After reading all those letters, he realized how strongly he was attached to Allah Almighty in his childhood. The innocence of a child was pouring from those letters. After this, he reflects upon his present life which is full of haste. He planned to move to Turkey immediately as he has some questions in his mind to ask his dada.

Husan e Jahan in Alif 

Momina, on the other hand, starts doing calligraphy as usually with her makeup pencil. The moment she wrote “Alif”, she recalled the time when she used to do calligraphy with Husan e Jahan’s makeup pencil. However, her father scolded her saying that you can use these pencils. However, Husan e Jahan asked him to let her do that. She (Husan e Jahan) was lamenting over her downfall at that time, with eyes full of tears.

At that moment, Momina felt that she has the same lot like that of Husan e Jahan and she called her father at night.


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Momina told her father that she thinks she is becoming more like Husan e Jahan. And just like Husan e Jahan, soon her downfall will also come. Her father gets tensed and prayed for her that may she never becomes like Husan e Jahan.

After cutting off her call, his eyes become wet with the past memories of Husan e Jahan and he recalled her downfall. At that moment he went into his room and takes off an old bag in which he has stored Husan e Jahan’s letters.


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He recalled the time when Husan e Jahan was the only center of attention among the people. After she winded up her dance performance, she received a beautiful painting of her which was sent from Abu Talha and was made within a night.

She gets impressed by her and started discovering more about Abu Talha. Within a few days, she becomes his fan and his dancing moves as a Dervish was letting her forget her own. She started living in his world forgetting her own.

Momina’s father, Sultan gets really upset over all this. He asked her to go back to Pakistan but she refused, saying that she wanted to meet Abu Talha’s father and will wrap a shawl over her. There the episode ends.

Well, we are all quite excited to see what next happened to Husan e Jahan and what the actual cause behind her downfall was.

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