Alif Episode 11 Review


Key Points

  • Sultan revealed much about Husan-e-Jahan’s past
  • We got to know more about Taha
  • Momin’s dada revealed that he didn’t forget his son Taha

Alif Episode 11 Review

The episode 11 of the drama serial ‘Alif’ speaks volumes about the character of Husan-e-Jahan, Taha and Qalb-e-Momin’s dada. We have been introduced with two major personalities, Husan-e-Jahan and Taha.

In this episode, we have experienced how Husan-e-Jahan has been rejected by Taha’s father on physical merits. She indeed quitted her business and planned to live with Taha. However, Taha’s father just insulted her after calling her a devil.

He said that he wanted to ruin his son and even she has started doing so as he keeps on making her sketches instead of painting God’s names and attributes.


Husan-e-Jahan is all heartbroken. She told Sultan that she would never allow him to see the face of his son. Sultan gets confused. She told him that Taha has left his father and decided to live with me for the rest of his life.

Sultan reached Pakistan all alone and the mother of Husan-e-Jahan is not ready to digest the news of her daughter’s marriage with a person who is only interested in calligraphy and not a businessman.

On the other hand, Momina has stepped into the world of Hollywood. She has been offered a project in theater and she has done it quite well. Her performance in the theater was cheered and appreciated by the audience.

Momina’s mother is quite tensed that Faisal has not called them so she asked her husband to visit Faisal’s house to discover if everything’s fine. Upon arriving there, they came to know that it was an event in Faisal’s house. The man at the entry gate informed them that its Faisal’s Mehndi event and they can join if they want.

Momin reached Turkey and asked his dada that this time, he didn’t realize that he is coming. He asked him why his father has been so annoyed with his mother. What was his mother’s fault? He explained to him where he has lost his relationship with Allah. He said it was when he came to know that Allah doesn’t forgive.

At this, his dada replied that Allah forgives, but we humans don’t. He said that it was he who has not forgiven his parents. He revealed to him the old days when Taha used to live with him. He was happy with his son that he is so passionate about calligraphy.

He told him that he loves him so much but then he felt that he is getting interested in Pakistani artist Husan-e-Jahan. He doesn’t like her but Taha was attracted to her.

Within a few days, she becomes dear to Taha even more than his father. He asked his father to meet her but he refused saying that she is a dancer. Taha tries to explain but he didn’t listen. So, Taha left him and went with Husan-s-Jahan.

He showed him the apology letter which Taha wrote to him on Momin’s birth. He was seeking his apology but he didn’t forgive his son.

Well, things are really getting interesting in Alif and we just can’t wait for the next episode.

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Alif Episode 11 Review
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