Alif Episode 12 Review


Alif is moving towards its central theme which is ‘man’s relationship with his creator’. Hamza Ali Abbasi as Qalb-e-Momin has started to realize that it is not easy for him to make a film on spirituality.

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Alif Episode 12 Review

He is sitting with his dada who told him that he didn’t forget his father as he misbehaves with him and started painting his mother’s face instead of painting Allah’s name. He told him the time when his father brought Husan-e-Jahan at his home and he refused to accept her.

He tried to explain to Taha that he is going in the wrong direction but Taha was firm that it is only Allah who has put Husan-e-Jahan’s love in his heart and only He has the power to remove this love. Momin’s dada told him that from that day, his son has left him for good. However, he used to write letters to him but he didn’t reply to any of them.

His dada revealed that it was only once when he read Taha’s letter again and again and it was when he informed him about the birth of Qalb-e-Momin. He forgives his son and tried to write a letter to him but then he thought of Husan-e-Jahan and all his words get lost in the air. So, he skipped the idea in anger.

He further told him that there comes a time when he regretted why he didn’t forgive his son. It was when he received a parcel from Husan-e-Jahan who thought that Taha is living with him. She requests him to send Taha to him as she can’t live without him.

That when he decided to visit the house of his son for the first time. Both Momin and Husan-e-Jahan were waiting for Taha to arrive but left disappointed to see him alone. He told Husan-e-Jahan that Taha is not living with him. He even didn’t see Taha since he has left him.

Husan-e-Jahan was all disheartened to hear this. Days passed and they were unsuccessful in tracing Taha. Then one day Momin’s dada informed Husan-e-Jahan that Taha is no more. He has gone to the world from where no one returns. Husan-e-Jahan gets faint while hearing this.

Momin once again asked his dada what his mother has done that his father has left him. His dada made excuses which Momin gets and goes back to his room. Momin recalled the time when he was 8 years old playing with his father and mother. And then things changed suddenly. He is almost 18-19 years old and doesn’t want to see his mother’s face when she arrived to meet him.

Then we have been informed about Momina’s progress and her success. She is all set to go back to Pakistan but deep inside she is not happy. There’s something which is dead inside her. Perhaps its Jahangir or Faisal.

Coming back to Momin and his dada, they both read surah Fateha at the grave of his father and then again he asked him what his mother’s mistake was. His dada badly scolded him saying that he would never ask him that question from now onwards. This left Momin suspicious.

Well, with the serial getting more intense week by week, I can’t wait for the next episode to go on air.

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Alif Episode 12 Review
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