Alif Episode 13 Review


The 13th episode of the ongoing drama serial “Alif” has left its audience in shock as the audience has witnessed a major character shift in Momin.

Alif Episode 13 Review

Hamza Ali Abbasi has very brilliantly carried the role of Momin who is lost and doesn’t possess any connection with Allah. However, that’s what he thinks. In reality, Allah has His connections with each individual he has created.

Moreover, this week’s episode has focused on Momina’s career more. Momina has arrived at her house and is happy to meet her parents. Her mother gets worried about her ever since she has heard about Faisal’s marriage. Momina brought gifts for them as well. While receiving gifts, Momina’s father Sultan told her about Faisal’s marriage and she seemed ok with that.

Her parents get confused with her expressions and asked her whether she knew about it. She said no she didn’t have any information regarding this. Her mother started blaming Faisal for destroying the life of her daughter. However, Momina asked her to not do so it was she who has broken off the engagement.

Momina decided to change her house

Then we have been told that there were some media persons who wanted to meet Momina to conduct her interview. They were surprised to see the area and Momina’s house as well. Momina decided to change her house. They have shifted to another house which is good in looks and even bigger than their current one.

Momina invites her friend to lunch where she gave her some gifts. While talking about Faisal, Momina told her that he is married now. Her friend gets really surprised to know and Momina starts weeping. It seemed that she is completely lost in her life. Despite trusting Allah, she is not finding a destination.

Beautiful Quran

She also visited her calligraphy teacher who gifted her a beautiful Quran which is written by Momin’s dada who is considered to be the biggest calligrapher of the era.

Momin, on the other hand, is trying to write the script for his next film. He tries but he can’t. He is unable to define ‘man’s relationship and connection with his creator (Allah). He asked his dada what is man’s connection with Allah and his dada has very beautiful explained the concept to him.

He explained that the connection between Allah and man lies in the name ‘Allah’. He said that it is ‘Alif’ which connects man with his creator. To this, Momin replied that his ‘Alif’ has always been wrong but his dada said that it could be perfect when you put some efforts and practice.

Everything left an everlasting impact on Momin. One of the most important pieces of information revealed in this episode was Husn-e-Jahan’s second marriage. Momin does not like his mother’s second marriage and that is the reason that he always hated her.

Momina’s calligraphy teacher

However, his dada explained to him that she was not ready to marry the person, it was he who has fixed their marriage. She even didn’t know the person whom she was marrying. For the audience’s surprise, his mother’s second husband is none other than Momina’s calligraphy teacher.

From then onwards, Momin has the same dreams which he used to experience in his childhood. But this time, it was his mother whom he saw doing ‘Raqs’ instead of his father. It hinted that Momin has realized his mistake and perhaps Allah is giving him clues about the innocence of his mother.

Let’s wait for the next episode.

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Alif Episode 13 Review
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