“Alif” Episode 14 Review


“Alif” has finally deepened its roots into the hearts of the audience. A sudden character shift in Momin is appreciated by the fans of the serial.

“Alif” Episode 14 Review

Qalb-e-Momin who was lost in the lust of his success. He believed that he owned this world. Everybody wanted to work with him. And that’s where he has been proved wrong. Soon after he has revealed his next film on the theme of spirituality, he has faced a lot of problems.

Almost all the brands have withdrawn their names from the film. The writers are not available and even his wardrobe partner Sofia is no longer with him. He realized that it wasn’t his love that attracts this world but it was the stuff which he shows to the world in his films.

No spiritual connection

In his dada’s words, Momin is only promoting bod and there is no spiritual connection in his films. These words really hit him hard and he promised his dada that he will make a film based on the theme of spirituality.

Alas! In the recent episode, his dada has passed away leaving a huge amount for him. After his death, Momin realized how popular his dada has been in the eyes of the world. And unlike him, his dada’s fame was real. People deeply loved him for his work. They respect him and that was the reason that there was a huge crowd of people at his funeral.

Momin is all broken. He didn’t realize what he has done to his life and what he used to speak to his dada. His dada was more famous than him and still he didn’t tell him about it. Every famous museum has his calligraphy.

Momina has changed her house

On the other hand, Momina has changed her house. While packing her suitcase, his father came and assigned her a task. He asked her to go to Turkey as he wanted to find Husan-e-Jahan’s son. On being asked by her, he revealed that he has some letters of Husan-e-Jahan which he wanted to give to her son.


Momina said that it’s not easy to find a person like this in a big city. Her father said that he knows what her son’s name is. She asked about it and he uttered Qalb-e-Momin. Hearing this, Momina recalled a short clip from the very start of the serial where she was being rejected by Qalb-e-Momin.

In the industry, everybody seemed talking about her and her work in Hollywood. Moreover, Momina has also won an Oscar owing to her brilliant performance. Qalb-e-Momin has also witnessed Momina’s picture on the cover page of a popular magazine where his picture used to be.

Lost his connection with his Creator

After his dada’s death, he returned to his house and ponder over his awards and success. Everything seemed irritating to him because they have no purpose. They are useless to him. He realized that he has gone so long from Allah and lost his connection with his Creator.

He is so heart-broken that he went straight in front of the calligraphy that his dada has gifted him on which it was written “Ay Allah! Mujhy Seedha Rasta Dikha.” Reading this, Momin couldn’t help crying. Tears pour down his cheeks and he repented for all his wrong doings. He prayed to Allah to show him the right path and the episode ends.

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