Alif Episode 15 Review


Alif drama serial is actually leaving an everlasting impact on its audience as the play discusses man’s relationship with Allah. Getting a lot of popularity and appreciation, this serial is on its way to change the lives of many people including Momin and Momina.

Alif Episode 15 Review

The serial is penned down by Umaira Ahmed. In the recent episode of the drama serial, we have witnessed how Momin realized that he has created a mess of his life. He is all lost in the thoughts of his dada. In his opinion, his dada has no reputation in this world, nobody knows him.

However, after his death, he came to know how famous his dada has been in the eyes of the world. Everybody in this world has appreciated his work. And that was the point where he realized that he has made a big mistake in his life.


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Momin has penned down the script

We have witnessed how beautifully Momin has penned down the script of his next film on spirituality. He has handed over the scrip to Dawood. Momin’s team was quite surprised to see such a heart touching story. However, they don’t know that this is not an ordinary story, rather it is the story of his parents.

Past spat between Momin and Momina

Dawood’s friend suggested to him that Momina could be the perfect choice for this film. But deep inside, Dawood knows that Momina would not agree thinking about the past spat between Momin and Momina.

Then we witnessed Momin’s concerns for Momina while watching her interview. Through this interview, he realized what he has done to her. He is feeling guilty as Momina said that if she got that film then perhaps his brother would be live today. Meanwhile, Dawood arrived and Momin asked him why he didn’t tell him about her brother. To this Dawood replied that he did not agree to listen to him at that time.

Shelly has refused

Dawood also told Momin that Shelly has refused to do this role and now they have to search for their heroine as well. He suggested to him that Momina would be perfect for this role. To this, Momin said that she would throw script on you without even reading it.

Husan-e-Jahan in Alif

In the later part of the show, we witnessed Dawood insisting Momina to read the script at least once. While getting upset about her parents, Momina sat down all emotional about her life. Then for one moment, her eyes fell on the word ‘Alif’ and she started reading the script. Her emotions showed that the script was quite intriguing or perhaps she could recall it with the life of Husan-e-Jahan.

Momin also recalled the time, when he told his father about the letters his mother has been receiving. His father becomes furious and he started doubting her for the rest of his life. And perhaps that was the reason that his father has left the place. And perhaps this was his mother’s fault which his dada has refused to tell him.

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