Alif Episode 16 Review


This week’s episode of the drama serial ‘Alif’ speaks much about how one’s feel after his connection is lost with the Allah Almighty. Momin’s father Taha has realized his mistake what he has lost and is guilty of what he has done.

Alif Episode 16 Review

This week’s episode marks major incidents in the life of Momin. The past of his parents has been revealed. As we know that Momin has penned down the story of his parents, so Momina is all onto it. The story of Husn-e-Jahan has impressed her a lot that she immediately agrees to sign the film.

Momina even asked his father about the script and discussed with him how she felt after reading it. She discussed how the life of the couple has changed after the interruption of a person whose name is Sultan.

Momina asked him that this is not completed. The later part of the story is not available. She asked him to tell her about the latter half. He became so stuck that not only he refused to tell her the story but also asked her to leave the script and won’t go for the film.

In the past, we have seen how Momin’s father doesn’t get enough money from his calligraphy. There is no charm left in his hands. He regretted that he has offended his father and Allah Almighty and this is the reason that his hands are unable to write Allah’s name now.

He will teach Momin

However, he said that he will teach Momin who to do calligraphy. Momin is hearing all this. The next day his mother took off her paintings from the walls and tried to pack them. She asked Momin to get ready and he said that uncle is coming who will bring a lot of gifts for him.

That uncle was none other than Sultan who has come to Turkey to meet her. Momin has witnessed their meeting. His mother asked him to leave home and play outside and that’s where the story ends. What happened at that point? What Sultan has done? Why Momin’s parents have parted their ways? We don’t know. And the answer is only Sultan.

Accept Momin’s offer

Well, Momina called Dawood and said that she is ready to accept Momin’s offer. The next day she visited him at his place and discover beautiful calligraphy at the wall which was done by Momin’s dada to whom she is a huge fan. She wonders at it.

Meanwhile, Momin has appeared at the scene and they both discussed the script of their film. Momina said that the story is incomplete and where is the latter part of the script. Momin said that he doesn’t know.

Momin wanted to sell his dada’s calligraphy and he has set an appointment with a man who just appeared at the scene. After watching the paintings, he singed a blank cheque for these seven paintings. He also revealed how he used to ask him about these paintings but every time he refused saying that he is preparing them for Momin. Momina hears all the conversation.

Momin’s mind wavers

After these words, Momin’s mind wavers and he refused to sell paintings and said that he wants 2 or 3 days to think over it.

Coming back to Momina, he said that first of all he wanted to discuss Momina’s package to which Dawood said that don’t worry Momina is a friend and would definitely give concession to us.

Momina straightforwardly

In reply to this, Momina straightforwardly stated that no she wouldn’t. She would be professional with them and Momin agrees. And surprisingly Momina demanded those seven paintings which Momin refused to give to his client.

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