Alif Episode 19 Review


With the past few episodes, we have experienced a huge character development in Momin. From a crude and arrogant director to a noble man, he has changed himself. He has started following the path of Allah which he has left when his childhood memories started haunting him.

With the recent episode that went on air this Saturday, we have felt how Momin started falling in love with Momina. Moreover, Momina also develops a soft corner for Momin after her discussion with her ustad completed.

Momina has returned all those seven paintings that were made by Momin’s grandfather. Momin felt so empty without them as they were the only source from which he has connected his self to the Almighty. However, after clearing all the misunderstanding from her heart, Momina forgives him and returned all those paintings as well.

Momin gets surprised to see the paintings and asked about them from his servant cum friend. He told him that Momina’s driver has given these paintings. Momin is surprised as well as disturbed as to why she has returned these paintings.

The next morning, he saw Momina in the attires of Husan-e-Jahan and for one moment he just lost into the memories of his mother. He offered white roses to fix in Momina’s hair as they look beautiful on her.

Momina returned home and discovered a bouquet and a letter that was sent and written by her ex-boyfriend Faisal. His number was also mentioned in the letter. Momina called him and the conversation between them really irritates her as she is all stuck between what he has said to her in the past.

Faisal said that he is proud of her and Momina recalled how badly he has treated her in their last meeting regarding her work in Hollywood. Momina remains formal with him and even she doesn’t give him dates regarding their meeting as she is very busy these days.

The very next day at the studio, Momin offered a blank cheque to her as she has returned all the paintings. But Momina refused to receive saying that she can do Alif for free. This really hits Momin deep. He keeps on looking at her and then offered the other two white flowers to her saying that they suit her.

Momina candidly said is he is trying to flirt her. On this Momin said that no, he respects her and given respect creates love. And this was the most beautiful line of the script.

Well, we have attached high hopes with Alif and it seemed that Momina too will be started falling in love with Momin as Momin does. Let see what destiny holds for them both till the next episode.

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