Alif Episode 20 Review


The 20th episode of the blockbuster drama serial ‘Alif’ just went on air this Saturday. The recent episode marks some major turns in the story and revealed the mental stress Momin is going through.

It starts with Momin looking at the paintings and getting really happy because, after the death of his dada, his paintings have that power to give strength to Momin whenever he will feel alone. Momin is changed into a completely different man now.

Momin started following the path of Allah and it is evident where he asked his musician to compose such lines that will relate Man’s relationship with Allah. On being asked what man’s relationship with Allah is, he recalled the time when his dada has told him the relationship of man with Almighty.

He revealed that it is that ‘Alif’ in the name of Allah that explains this connection very well. On being informed, the musician very beautifully sang the title track of the drama serial which is loved by the entire crew including Momina who was also sitting next to him.

While returning home, Momina told her mother that she is playing the character of her beloved Husan-e-Jahan. However, she is also confused about her mother’s love for Husan-e-Jahan. Their past has some haunting memories that none of Momina’s parents wanted to recall.

During the set, Momin has a long meeting with his cast members on the subject of the film. Everybody started criticizing Husan-e-Jahan for being inclined towards Sultan. However, Momina draws Momin’s attention towards those paintings which Husan-e-Jahan has given to Sultan for sale.

Momin’s expressions showed that he has actually not thought about it. And keeps on thinking this unless it’s late at night.

Later at night, Momina felt that her mother is talking to someone. And to her surprise, there was no one. She gets really tensed. She asked her mother to whom she is talking and she told her that she is talking to her son, Jahangir. Meanwhile, Momin keeps on calling Momina but she didn’t answer.

In Momin’s studio, Momina talked to Dawood about her mother’s condition as they are good friends. She asked him to find a small house in their old residence so that her parents may feel at home there. Dawood tried to console her after holding her hand and Momin misunderstood it with an affair between them.

He is all burning inside thinking about it. Later on, he rebuked Dawood in front of Momina and also insulted her. He said that people in his team don’t make affairs. Momina gets really shocked and replied with ‘Excuse me’. To clear the sir, he said that he is talking about the love affair between her and Dawood. In response to this, Momina slapped him hard and left the place saying, “Tum ny har ak ko Husan-e-Jahan smjh rkha hy.”

Momina gets really upset and talked with her friend. She also confesses her love for Momin. And deep inside, Momin also started falling in love with her. she also said that she is finding herself like Husan-e-Jahan.

Well, we do not know what would become of them. Let’s wait for the next episode and till then, stay tuned with us to know more exciting news from the showbiz industry.

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