Alif Episode 21 Review

Alif Episode 21 Review


With the recent episode of the blockbuster drama serial “Alif”, we got to know more about the sufferings of Husan-e-Jahan and her mysterious death. The recent episode begins with Sultan telling Momina how Momin eventually becomes Husan-e-Jahan’s weakness.

Alif Episode 21 Review

Momina is all shocked to discover this. While she was in shock, her father keeps on telling her what had actually happened in the past. He told her that Husan-e-Jahan has lost all the charm and beauty that she once possessed. No one was ready to work with her.

Even she got a small role in a film that was of a sister having only six dialogues. She even agreed to do that. However, she left the studio when she got to know that Sultan won’t be doing her makeup. Sultan is all helpless and unable to find a proper solution to this.


His wife advised him to marry Husan-e-Jahan because she also can’t see what she is going through. Husan-e-Jahan’s mother told her that she has set up a proposal for her, the proposal of a man who is very high in power and has no value and respect for women.

Husan-e-Jahan has written a letter to her father in law and told him about the circumstances. In response, her father in law sent her tickets to travel to Turkey. She packed her bags however, Sultan gets again nervous hearing that he is going back to Turkey.

He told her that her mother’s servants won’t let her cross the boundary and she is planning of going to Turkey. To this, Husan-e-Jahan asked him to kill her because deep inside, she knew that only he has the power to do so.

After this, Sultan confesses before his daughter that he has killed Husan-e-Jahan. After saying this, he started crying in front of her and Momina’s mother takes him in the room. Momina is all shocked and crying as well thinking that her father is a murderer.

Momina even Google the history and tried to discover more about Husan-e-Jahan but left unsuccessful as there was no additional information. She only got to know the mysterious death of Husan-e-Jahan whom about no one is sure.

On the other hand, Dawood informed Momin that he has been thinking wrong about Momina. She is not like other actresses in our industry. She has no connections at all. Momin is quite shameful of what he has done.

Momin’s entire team is worrying whether Momina will be doing the film or not. We have not yet been informed about it. Let see what happened in the next episode.

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