Alif Episode 22 Review

Alif Episode 22 Review


Alif is Pakistan’s number one trending drama serial that features Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly in the lead roles. Coming towards its end, this serial has revealed some dark aspects of Momin’s life that he himself was unaware of.

Alif Episode 22 Review

In the recent episode of Alif, we got to know how Momin become the actual cause of separation between his parents in his childhood. The episode begins when Momin and Dawood both discussed what they will do now because Momina has back off from the film.

Momin has doubted Momina and she could not tolerate this. However, Momin got Shelley, his heroin from the previous film who is ready to work with him, but Momin’s team including Dawood and Teena do not want to work with Shelley as she is quite irritating.

Recent spat between Momin and Momina

Shelley got to know about the recent spat between Momin and Momina and break the news on the social media that Momin has removed Momina from his upcoming film ‘Alif’. For now, Shelley will be taking up the film as its female lead.

The news went viral and everybody questioned Momin over this. Momina also heard the news and didn’t give any reaction or comments. Momin has to face media and brands because Momina was top class heroin of the time.

Momina’s friend visit

Momina’s friend visit to meet her and requested her to do the film because it is very important for both Dawood and her. Momina agreed but offer some suggestions in her roles that she has left to Momin. There was no further discussion between them.

After three days Momin went to see Momina at her house where he was warmly welcomed by her mother Suraya. He feels some association with her. Of course, in his childhood, he perhaps has met her. Suraya keeps on talking to him about random stuff and then Momina arrived.

Momin says sorry to her and while they were discussing the film, Momina’s father Sultan arrived. Momin was shocked to see him because he could recall that he was the same Sultan who has destroyed the life of his mother.

Sultan was all upset about what Momin is thinking about him. He has made up his mind to tell him that it wasn’t he but Momin himself who was the real cause of separation between his parents. He revealed that Husan-e-Jahan has called him from Pakistan because she wanted to sell those paintings that Talha has painted for her in love.

Momin’s innocent wishes

It was because of Momin’s innocent wishes about new clothes, shoes, toys, and delicious food items that forced Husan-e-Jahan to sell her paintings. Momin also recalled when her mother was folding all her paintings and he got emotional at the very moment.

He left the place while crying and Momina asked his father that he should not tell Momin all this. To this, his father replied that it was very necessary for Momin to realize that he has separated his parents. Moreover, he also cleared that he has not killed Husan-e-Jahan keeping the death of Husan-e-Jahan still mysterious.

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