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Episode 3 of the newly begin drama serial “Alif” went on air this Saturday and marks the complexities of life both for Momina and Momin. Strengthening the relationship of Allah with His creation, Umera Ahmed’s written novel “Alif” deals with a lot of issues one faces in his life.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Ali

The lead roles are being played by Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Ali as Qalab e Momin and Momina respectively.

The play portrayed a contrast between the present life of Momin and his childhood. During his childhood, he has been shown a very decent and good little boy who wanted to connect himself with Allah after writing letters to him. However, with the passage of time, things turned and he became the opposite of what he was during his childhood.

It also reflects the struggle of Momin. We are yet to be aware of what exactly happened to Momin which has shattered his faith in Allah.

Episode 3 of the serial explains a few of the reasons behind Momin’s indifference to the Allah Almighty. The episode starts when Momin’s dada presented him a beautiful gift of calligraphy. The calligraphy reads “Allah is with Momineen”.

Momin didn’t get the meaning so his dada explained to him that it reads as “Allah Momineen k sath hy” upon which Momin abruptly said that “Aur me, Momin Nahi Hun”. The very sentence of him explained his relationship with Allah. He has gone too far. And we can only hope that his dada may restore his lost faith in Allah.


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Another important incident that happened during the last episode was Momina’s efforts to take a role in Momin’s film while killing her self-respect and honor.

She once again approaches him at the studio where she requested her friend to talk to Momin as she is ready to sacrifice her honor in the name of fame and money. She only wants money now. Her priority has been shifted to money from honor.

However, Momin is not ready to listen to her apology. He even misbehaved with her for the second time and warned her to not show her face again. So, Momina is once again left heart broken.


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Qalb e Momin,”Faaslay aur masroofiyat ki wajah se raabte toot tay hai.” How was ALIF’s second episode? Feedback below ✨👇

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While being upset for not getting a single role, she received a call from her friend who informed her that she has been selected for the auditions of a Hollywood film. So, she has to leave for Lahore immediately. Momina took a sigh of relief.

Then we have been taken into the life of young Momin. Her mother has left Turkey and now they have reached Pakistan. They went to the house of her mother who happened to be the same Husn e Jahan of whom Momina’s father is a huge fan. However, she doesn’t receive a happy welcome at her house.

3rd episode of Alif

By the end of the 3rd episode, Momin’s dada asked him about his happiness whether he is happy with his lot or not. To this question, Momin replied abruptly that he is absolutely happy. He has all those things which a man can desire at his age.

However, later on, he saw himself in the mirror and ponder on the same question that whether he is really happy with his life or not.

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