Alkaram MaK O Keefe Collection

Alkaram MaK O Keefe Collection at FPW 2019


Alkaram MaK O Keefe Collection at fpw

Alkaram MaK O Keefe Collection at fpw 2019

Fashion brand Alkaram’s new collection with noisy patterns and casual pieces have rocked the floor at FPW spring/summer 2019. The audience was all wonderstruck at the very sight of the collection. Cheerful notes and statements followed Alkaram’s new designs displayed at Fashion Pakistan Week.
The brand has simply stunned the audience after unveiling their new line named “Mak O Keefe”. The inspiration for this dress code was brought from the rebellious yet lionhearted visionary Georgia O’ Keefe. Alkaram has brilliantly showcased the trends and ideals of the late American illustrator.
Loud blossoms were definitely a constant item in the collection. Stunning models donning loose, smock-like dresses that may not be the most flattering, yet they were in line with the theme. Balloon sleeve blouses and jumpsuits made an edgy appearance, as well as a whimsical sky blue and ombré floral ensembles, have become the hallmark of the entire collection.
Alkaram MaK O Keefe 2019

Alkaram MaK O Keefe Black Collection

alkaram mak collection

alkaram mak collection 2019


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