Upcoming iOS 13 for iPhone

All You Can Expect from Upcoming iOS 13 for iPhone


While using high tech smartphones, we all know that there are two major parts of a device generally. First one is hardware and the second one is the software. Both parts have their individual importance in case of utility while analyzing performance and a device is useless without its compatibility with the operating system.

In the past, many tech giants gained businesses due to the success of their operating system and some suffered severely due to major issues. Android is one of the great examples as they provided exceptional features on a single platform and at the same time broke the monopoly of iOS. Windows phone, on the other hand, was the biggest failure as they were not able to satisfy consumers.

The operating system really plays a major role in the smartphone’s performance and can impact on the success of that product as a whole. Apple is widely popular due to their iPhone and uses iOS as an operating system which is known as one of the most secure operating systems so far. Apple comes up almost every year with their iOS update and recently they announced the launch of iOS 13 this fall.

Some of the features were announced officially and some are rumors. According to Apple, performance is most important for them and they are going to give high performance by reducing app size to almost half which will lead to less consumption of extra space, ultimately increasing performance. Apple is also coming up with the dark mode theme which is very much convenient as it consumes less battery and is hard to resist.

Face ID will also be more responsive which could be up to 30% more efficient as compared to iOS 12. Though, this feature will be fully operative with the upcoming second-generation TrueDepth sensor but still we are expecting much better face ID performance than the previous version. Other than these major features there are many more under the hood features which are not prominent but will definitely increase the performance of all devices. Most of these features will play key roles in optimization.

We don’t know yet that the update will be given for which models. As observed previously most of the older devices don’t give a good response against the new updates. This happens due to the emerging new technologies which are not supported by old devices. The beta version is also out and some of the features are amazing. The beta version is very buggy but these bugs will be out in the official release. Apple is looking forward to releasing more beta versions to eliminate all bugs and glitches.

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