Alletto A Heaven for Dessert Lovers

Alletto—A Heaven for Dessert Lovers

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Lahore has become one of the most famous cities in Pakistan which has quite a fine and excellent food chains. A lot of eateries have been opened to entertain Lahoris as they are known to be the food lovers.

Alletto has been keeping up the tradition of Lahori taste for many years especially in terms of desserts and coffees. Here, I am going to give you an insight into the Alletto which is located at the Emporium Mall, Lahore.


You should visit this spot because it has

  • High Quality Food
  • Fine Ambience
  • Wide range of Desserts
  • Expensive

 Interior & Ambience

So, let’s discuss their interior and ambience first.

The interior is simple and perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. And ambience will add more charms to your whole dining process.


So, what’s in the Menu?

This eatery is famous for offering a wide range of desserts, coffees and different flavors of tea.

You can enjoy with Rs500 per person at this spot.

Here are some mouthwatering and refreshing items which have been offered by this restaurant.


It is located at the Emporium Mall.

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