American-Pakistani Tycoon Gives $9 Million to NUST Scholarships

American-Pakistani business magnate Tanweer Ahmed has demonstrated remarkable philanthropy by contributing a generous sum of $9 million (over Rs2.5 billion) to the National University of Science & Technology (NUST) in Islamabad.

This significant donation is geared towards opening avenues for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with a specific focus on providing scholarships for quality education.

NUST has officially acknowledged the creation of Ahmed’s Endowment Fund, which is structured to benefit nearly 200 underprivileged students annually. Notably, this donation stands as one of the most substantial contributions by an overseas Pakistani to a university in Pakistan, showcasing Ahmed’s dedication to advancing education in his homeland.

In an interview, Ahmed shared his broader vision of extending this initiative beyond NUST, aiming to establish the scholarship program as a permanent fixture at the university. A formal ceremony is scheduled at NUST Islamabad next month, expected to be attended by top leadership figures in Pakistan, marking the official launch of the scholarship program.

Ahmed’s charitable efforts aim to open doors for deserving students using a system based on merit. These scholarships, provided each year by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), are designed to assist students who encounter financial obstacles while pursuing education in advanced fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Technology (IT).

This substantial contribution not only highlights an individual’s generosity but also emphasizes the pivotal role philanthropy plays in enhancing educational accessibility and addressing financial challenges for deserving students in Pakistan. Ahmed’s commitment to expanding this initiative to other universities signals a positive stride toward creating a lasting impact on the landscape of higher education in the country.

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