Amir explains ‘tailender’ remark on Babar Azam.

Mohammad Amir, the former Pakistani fast bowler, has cleared up his previous statement about Babar Azam. He stated that he did not label the Pakistan captain as an average player or a tailender.

During a discussion on his YouTube channel, Mohammad Amir showered praise on Babar Azam, hailing him as the finest batsman in Pakistan and applauding his impeccable technique.
Amir refuted the misrepresentation of his comments and challenged anyone to find an interview where he called Babar Azam an average player or a tailender. He emphasized that in all his interviews, he has consistently praised Babar as the best batsman in Pakistan and highlighted the difficulty of bowling against him in ODIs and Test matches due to his exceptional technique. Amir clarified his stance, making it clear that he would never label Babar as a tailender.

Amir explained that as a bowler, his primary objective is to take wickets, regardless of the batsman’s identity. He emphasized that every wicket, whether it’s Babar Azam or a tailender, holds equal significance as it contributes to the team’s success.

Amir reiterated that his focus is on taking wickets regardless of the batsman’s caliber. He emphasized that whether it’s Babar Azam or a lower-order batsman, dismissing every player is crucial for the team’s benefit. He highlighted situations where tailenders can be vital, such as in tight chases, where their wickets are equally significant. Amir concluded by affirming that every wicket holds importance to him, irrespective of whether it belongs to Babar or a tailender.

During the eighth edition of HBL PSL, Amir expressed that bowling to Babar Azam or a tailender held equal significance for him.

Amir emphasized during an interview with a local channel that his primary role is to take wickets, regardless of the batsman’s identity at the crease.

Amir expressed his fondness for matchups and player rivalries, stating that they keep players alert and focused. He personally enjoys such challenges as they help maintain his concentration.

Amir emphasized that his main objective is to take wickets and contribute to the team’s victory. Therefore, he stated that it doesn’t matter if he is facing Babar Azam or a tailender batting at number 10; his approach remains the same.

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