Amnesty orders India

Amnesty orders India, Ordinary Kashmiris must not be targeted or harassed


On Tuesday, the Amnesty International has ordered the Indian Government to stop harassing the ordinary Kashmiris in India. Further, the Indian government makes sure that ordinary Kashmiri men and women won’t face targeted attacks or arbitrary arrests. The killing off 42 security personnel in the Indian Occupied Kashmir has proved to be an ongoing debating issue.

Here is the statement of Aakar Patel, the Head of Amnesty India, ‘We are at a dangerous moment, and authorities must do everything they can to uphold the rule of law.”

According to the reports, some Hindu nationalist groups have beaten, intimidated and threatened the Kashmiri University students and traders from the areas of Haryana, Bihar, and Uttarakhand.

The reports also stated that many students have absconded from their respective universities under the fear of being threatened or beaten up. Furthermore, we have also been informed that two of the colleges, one in Dehradun while other in Moradabad have given a statement about not admitting any new Kashmiri student. “Ordinary Kashmiris across India who are only seeking to improve their lives should not be singled out for violence simply because of where they come from,” said Aakar Patel.

said Aakar Patel

He further added, “The mobs who use patriotism as an excuse to hound Kashmiris out of their homes, hostels, and shops are corroding the basic values of the constitution of India. Authorities must investigate all allegations of threats and violence, and bring those responsible to justice.”


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