Andrea Della Valle Net Worth 2019

Andrea Della Valle – Businessman – Net Worth 2019


Andrea Della Valle – 2019 Net Worth

At his current age of 53 years, his Net Worth for 2019, is $1.6 billion!

Who is Andrea Della Valle?

Andrea Della Valle is an Italian billionaire, whose net worth is estimated at $1.6 billion.

On the Forbes lists of billionaires, he was positioned at number 1756 during 2018. However, during 2019, he dropped off.

Biography Italian Businessman Andrea Della Valle Net Worth

Andrea saw his first daylight on 26th September 1965 in Italy – Sant’Elpidio a Mare.

He is married and his spouse is Paula Della Valle and as an Italian born, he has Italian nationality. He fathered 3 children.

He resides in Casette D’ete in Italy.

His brother, Diego Della Valle is a billionaire too. Their sister Giselle is not currently participating in the family business.

Andrea Della Valle – Occupation & Career Net Worth

The brothers, Andrea & Diego Della Valle became billionaires after inheriting the company Todi, a luxury Italian purse and shoemaker from Dorino Della Valle, their father.

This company was established by Filippo Della Valle, Andrea’s grandfather, during the 1920s, now named Tod’s S.p.A. The group manufactures luxury leather designer goods and owns 56% of the shares.

They opened stores worldwide in Europea, USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore & Indonesia.

Today, Andrea is the company’s vice president, whilst the group has 3,100 employees.

The group is branding Roger, Tod, Hogan, Vivier & Fay.

The group also has shares in the following companies:

  • RCS Media-Group a media conglomerate
  • Mediobanca which is an investment bank
  • Own shares in ACF Fiorentina – soccer team
  • Piaggio – manufacturer of Vespa
  • Andrea was Fiorentina’s chairman up till 2009. He assisted the club, which was bankrupt and turn it into a successful business.
  • Owns Marcolin a luxury pencil company in Italy.

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