Android 10 Update Is Not Sweet Anymore


In the shimmering galaxy of smartphone firmware industry, Android by Google is a star with huge accomplishments. Initially, it was launched in competition with IOS by Apple but later it grew within the market like mushrooms and was almost on every phone within a decade. The common practice of Google used to be giving sweet names to every new version of Android, such as names from traditional desserts like nougat and pie. This tradition kept going since day one but recently we came to know that the next version of Android won’t be having any sweet name and will be called only as Android 10 or Android Q.

The new update has some unique selling point and the prominent one is the safety of private data and many more security features. Android 10 will be fully supported for the upcoming foldable phones and will also include bubble features. The list of the supported devices has also been released and Pixel phones are among the list of phones. According to Google it is a major update concerning the history of all Android updates and will feature some handy and safe tools for some upcoming and current smartphones. The new version’s official release is expected to hit the market by the last quarter of this year.

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