“Android users can now hide chosen apps with the ‘Private Space’ feature.”

Google’s upcoming Android privacy feature, referred to as ‘Private Space,’ signifies a strategic effort to enhance user confidentiality. This advancement enables users to discreetly hide specific apps within a secure enclave, mirroring capabilities seen in competitors’ devices like Samsung and OnePlus.

Private Space, discreetly placed as an icon in the app drawer, offers increased security by concealing its presence and ensuring that apps within it remain hidden from searches. This covert functionality also extends to notifications, preventing them from appearing when Private Space is locked. Google is emphasizing the concealment of Private Space, intending to leave no traces in the permission manager, privacy dashboard, or other settings, thereby thwarting unauthorized detection.

Currently undergoing beta testing, this feature is anticipated to be incorporated into Android 15, scheduled for release next year. This move aligns with Google’s dedication to providing Android users with a robust tool for managing privacy preferences and securing sensitive applications. Given the rising concerns about data security in the tech landscape, Private Space emerges as a proactive response, strengthening Android’s reputation as an operating system that prioritizes user privacy.

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