Angelo Mathews Achieves a First in International Cricket by Being Dismissed Due to ‘Time Out’

During the 2023 ICC World Cup, something unusual happened to Angelo Mathews from Sri Lanka. He became the first player ever to get out because he took too long to get ready to play. This happened in a match against Bangladesh in Delhi, India.

Normally, a new player needs to be prepared to enter the game within two minutes following the dismissal of the last player. However, in Mathews’ situation, his helmet strap snapped as he was gearing up to bat. While waiting for a new helmet, a player from Bangladesh, Shakib Al Hasan, complained to the referees, and Mathews was declared out for taking too much time.

This kind of dismissal is not common and shows how interesting and unusual cricket rules can be.

The match took place in Delhi, a city known for having very polluted air. Even though the air quality was bad, the game went on as scheduled at the Arun Jaitley Stadium.

Because of the poor air quality, some players and coaches wore face masks while practicing. The practice sessions before the match were canceled to protect the players. Some players from Bangladesh, who had asthma, had to stay in their hotel because of the health risks from the polluted air during the World Cup.

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