Maryam Nawaz Rally in FSD

Another Trouble for Maryam Nawaz in Conducting the Rally in FSD


Maryam Nawaz Rally in FSD – Maryam Nawaz announced that she will invite people on roads in all over Pakistan. Why does she want people with her protests? Because she wants to give an impression that everyone is dishonest whenever she talks about her father’s illegal arrest process.

Fake reports and fake allegations were used against the Sharif family. She called some seniors of PML N but most of them did not attend the call. Then she appointed the wife of Rana Sanaullah as a head of committee for Faisalabad’s rally.

It is reported, many leaders who were present in fictitious video scandal conference are not happy on Maryam Nawaz’s decisions for protests. They are trying to avoid her calls and invitations. The future conditions are not very good for PML (N) leadership and they are trying to adopt a defensive approach now. They have realized that they can’t fight with Khan’s mind now. Because Khan will not step down on the opposition’s demands.

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