Anti-Modi slogans: Several people gathered at Houston to support Kashmiris


Houston: Several people gathered outside the Houston Stadium to show their love and support for the people of Kashmir. They were chanting Anti-Modi slogans and were carrying placards and posters in their hands.

They came out of their houses to criticize Modi government which is creating destruction in the occupied valley which was once considered as the paradise on earth.

They were chanting slogans like “Go back Modi, Modi is a terrorist, Modi Hitler, and fascist”.

These protesters include

  • Pakistanis
  • Kashmiris
  • Human Right Activists
  • Indian religious Minorities
  • Minister of Kashmir Affairs Ali Amin Khan

They condemned “racist Modi-regime”.

It is pertinent to note that Kashmir is facing immense backlash from the last 49 days. The curfew is still there. They are unable to live a free life.

The protesters were demanding justice for the Kashmiris. They want the International community to take action against Modi and his terrorist strategies.

They beat drums and chanted slogans against Modi government. They wanted to convey the plight of the poor Kashmiris to the world.

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