Apple Going Green by Recycling iPhones

Apple Going Green by Recycling iPhones


In the past two decades, the environment of our earth is severely affected by different factors like pollution of different forms. As a result, the ozone layer got damaged and thousands of species were endangered.

One of the major reasons is the various types of wastes released by the industrial sector. Some try to prevent it by different techniques in case they feel that it is wrong and some try to correct their mistakes later. Large corporations started huge green initiatives recently and tried to decrease carbon footprints. According to a report by the United Nations, the world created e-waste equal to 44.7 million metric tons which are definitely alarming and recycling of that e-waste is the only solution to the current problem.

Apple was very much concerned about the environment since day one but recently they came up with new great ideas and one of which is Daisy which is a purpose-built recycling robot and can recycle 200 iPhones per hour. This robot can amazingly deconstruct any of the 15 previous models of iPhone. This process is not designed within days but actually, it is years’ work as all iPhones were designed in a way that one day it can be recycled easily and with convenience.

All the tech gadgets hold valuable materials which can be used easily after recycling and the important thing is that if you use the right technique then u can extract the maximum. Another big fact is that recycling also creates waste in case you are not recycling the right way so it also needs to be considered by the concerned organizations. Apple is trying very hard to make this world a better place and we hope that other tech giants will also learn from them.

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