Apple is Teaming Up with Google and Microsoft

Apple is Teaming Up with Google and Microsoft to make our Data Portable


In our daily life, we face many challenges while using technology and the biggest issue we face is the portability of data between different platforms. If you are using Apple phone and looking forward to switching to an android phone then transferring your old data to the new phone will be a great issue. To resolve this specific issue Apple is teaming up with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter on a project to find an easier way for us to transfer data from and to online platforms. Apple Inc. has officially joined the Data Transfer Project as the collaboration was launched in July last year.

The Data Transfer Project is working to create a common framework with open-source code that can connect any two online platforms and let users easily transfer data. It uses platform’s existing Application Programming Interface and tools to access data, then transfers it into a common format. The project is still in development and we can say that so many things have been done as per the reports. If everything is completed successfully then we can say that global consumers could benefit a lot in the form of cross-platform data sharing.

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