Apple Unveils Pricing and Launch Date for Vision Pro VR Headset

Apple has officially revealed that the eagerly awaited Vision Pro headset is scheduled to be launched in the United States on February 2, with a price set at $3,499.

Pre-orders for this mixed-reality device will open in mid-January in the US, while the launch date for the UK remains unspecified.

Despite generating substantial excitement since its unveiling in June 2023, Apple has encountered production challenges, leading to a significant reduction in its 2024 production forecast from one million units to 400,000. The Vision Pro, featuring 256GB storage, comes with a price tag of around ₨983,490 in Pakistani Rupees.

In addition, Apple has instructed developers to brand apps as “spatial computing” to distinguish the device from others in the market. The company’s promotional trailer and features such as gesture control and immersion adjustments signal a new era for Apple products.

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