Apple Vision Pro Expected to Carry a Price Tag Exceeding Rs. 1.2 Million in Pakistan

The unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro has ignited significant interest within the virtual reality (VR) headset market, showcasing impressive capabilities that surpass conventional VR headsets. Despite Apple’s reluctance to categorize it merely as a VR headset, the recently introduced ‘Spatial Computer’ has captured the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

In the United States, the Apple Vision Pro is priced at a substantial $3499. Many individuals in Pakistan eagerly anticipate its availability in the local market, speculating about its potential price. However, determining its price in Pakistan isn’t as straightforward as converting the USD price to Pakistani Rupees (PKR).

In addition to the base market value, various supplementary costs like import taxes, duties, and retailer margins must be considered. Given these factors, the projected price of the Apple Vision Pro in Pakistan is expected to surpass its USD equivalent.

With the current exchange rate, $3499 equals approximately Rs. 970,053. After factoring in import taxes and duties, the price could easily exceed the Rs. 1,100,000 threshold. Furthermore, retailers typically impose an additional margin to ensure profitability, further elevating the price for consumers.

Considering these factors, it’s estimated that the Apple Vision Pro’s price in Pakistan could hover around Rs. 1,200,000. However, this estimation remains conservative, taking into account Pakistan’s economic conditions.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the $3499 price tag applies to the base model with 256 GB storage. The variant with 1 TB storage is priced at $3899 in the US. With the increased storage capacity and additional features, the price for the fully-equipped variant in Pakistan may exceed Rs. 1,300,000 at retail outlets.

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