umpire finger asks Bilawal

Are ‘selected’ ones enjoying umpire’s finger, asks Bilawal


Islamabad: On Thursday, the PPP Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has raised an exciting question of whether the current Prime Minister is enjoying ‘the umpire’s finger’? Or those who have casted a vote for him are really satisfied with the current ongoing situation? Do they like ‘tabdeeli’?

He stated that by referring to him as ‘Sahiba’ Imran Khan is only insulting himself. People started hating him for passing such belittling comments against him.

Speaking to the media outside the Parliament House, Bilawal said: “Referring to a man as a woman does not harm the man but what sort of message does this send to the women of Pakistan? That our prime minister is saying that being a woman is an insult?”

“This is Pakistan and here women stand shoulder to shoulder with men. If there was no Fatima Jinnah, would Pakistan be formed? If there was no Fatima Jinnah, who would oppose Ayub?” Bilawal asked.

He further stated that “We were the first Muslim country to elect a woman prime minister. We are proud of the women of this country. We think they should be given space in politics, economy, and society.”

“If Khan Sahab thinks passing a comment like this he is insulting anyone, he is only insulting himself. He is this country’s Prime Minister and he should hold his tongue.”

Commenting on statements that the premier referring to him as ‘Sahiba’ was a ‘slip of the tongue’, Bilawal said, “The amount of slip of tongues by this prime minister is more than the speed of light.”

“Slip of tongues should not happen because it insults the entire nation. So many slips of tongue happen when we have a selected PM,” he further said.

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