Armeena Khan criticized celebirties for violating lockdown

Armeena Khan criticized celebirties for violating lockdown


As we are alreday aware of the critical situation our country is going through amid coronavirus outbreak. People have been strictly advised by the government to stay indoor unless the situation gets under controlled.

Pakistan has reported more than 9,200 positive casesof coronavirus and here are celebrities are, who cannot postpone their shootings and photoshoots amid these critical hours. We have seen a number of celebrities doning shoots.

Armeena Khan was very right when she criticized all those celebrities who cannot halt their shoots. She took to her twitter handle and wrote,

“I’m seeing photoshoots happening. Is the lockdown over?”

She went on saying, “Imagine taking par in a shoot or a photoshoot while people are dying around you.”

Armeena Khan has always been seen raising her voice whenever something bad happens. She also appreciated those celebrities who have postponed their shooting because they know the value of a human life.

Armeena wrote, “Some of us left shoots as to not endanger other peoples lives. You’re not special! The cases are climbing mark my words and each person you expose to the elemnets is on you.”

As soon as she posted, mansha Pasha was quite quick to support her in her thoughts.

Even in our opinion, Armeena Khan has very well said this. People need to be very careful regarding this novel coronavirus.

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