Arrested Indian Pilot Abhinandan

Arrested Indian Pilot Abhinandan has admired the Pakistan Army’s hospitality and professionalism


Pakistan Air Force has responded to Indian aggression in quite an effective and laudable way. Two Indian Fighter jets were struck down by PAF and one pilot got arrested by the Forces.

After investigating arrested Indian pilot abhinandan, the Indian Wing Commander, Pakistan Army has treated him humanly by setting an example of humanitarian and proving that we stand for peace and not war. Pakistan has set a standard of humanity.

The humane conduct that he receives in Pakistan has urged him to laud Pakistan Army’s professionalism and hospitality. The video is a clear proof of him praising Pakistan Army.

The video clearly shows Abhinandan’s thanksgiving remarks even holding a cup of tea in his hand. He said, “I am very impressed by the professional and humane behavior of Pakistan Army and I expect my army to behave this way too. Thankful to Pakistan Army”.
He further stated that, “I will not change my stance if I go back to my country India.”
“This is what I would expect from my Army,” he added by paying an attribute to Pakistan Army.
On a question, Abhinandan replied on a question asked by Pakistan Army, “I am from down south India and a married person.”
General Asif Ghafoor the DG ISPR has also confirmed earlier that they have one pilot in their custody. And the wing Commander Abhinandan is treated as per the norms of military ethics.

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