Arslan Ash, a popular gamer from Pakistan, competes in a Tekken game against a prince from Saudi Arabia.

Arslan Ash, a renowned gamer from Pakistan, recently showcased his gaming prowess in Tekken alongside prominent figures from Saudi Arabia. Additionally, he took on the role of teaching Tekken to newcomers in the region, marking a significant milestone for him as he hadn’t previously engaged in coaching.

Upon returning from Saudi Arabia, Arslan shared his experiences on social media. He eagerly anticipates his future endeavors in gaming, particularly gearing up for Evo Japan, a major gaming event.

Despite his coaching commitments, Arslan remains dedicated to his personal gaming journey. His recent victory at the Tekken World Tour 2023 Global Finals in New Orleans solidifies his position as one of the top Tekken players worldwide. With a prize of $50,000, his success underscores his status as a gaming luminary.

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