Arslan ‘Ash’ Siddiqui Pakistani Gamer: Tekken 7 Champion: Evo 2019 Tournament


On Sunday, Arslan ‘Ash’ Siddiqui, a gamer from Pakistan became the Tekken 7 champion at the Evo (Evolution Championship Series) 2019 tournament.

This tournament took place in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada of the US. This Tekken 7 Championship was held on 4 August 2019, Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Siddiqui, with Arslan Ash as username, bowed down and put his head on the ground, portraying his gratitude when he received the crown as the Tekken 7 World Champion, the first ever national player to do this.

In the Grand Finale of the Tekken 7 championship, Arslan had beaten the legend of South  Korea, Jae-Min “Knee” Bae.

On Monday he posted on Facebook where he expressed his appreciation in the post, to all his fans and said: “Thanks With your Duas!”

Siddiqui’s win was a spectacular one, seen at the background that a year ago, he was unknown in the Tekken scene and now, he is the Tekken 7 World Champion!

Arslan’s win was both a nail-biting and magnificent match for the FGC (Fighting Game Community). As per Vice, Siddiqui went home with prize money of approximately $14,000.

The 23 year old Siddiqui, plays the role of Kazumi Mishima, an antagonist within this fighting game, whilst known for being Heihachi Mishima’s ex-wife and Jinpachi Mishima’s daughter-in-law.

Excitingly, he has became the unified Evo champion, the first ever, after he won in Tokyo!

Nine games were offered at the tournament, of which Tekken 7 represents one. The other games were: Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Street Fighter Arcade Edition, Soul Calibur VI, Mortal Kombat II, Dragon Ball Z, Under Night In-Birth – Exe – Late-(st) Samurai Shodown & BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

TheScore esports interviewed Siddiqui during May 2019. He said Pakistani players, similar to Korea, are very good and highly competitive.

He added, they will be working harder to become better after they saw him won. Working harder will make them stronger and eventually it will be advantageous for the entire Pakistani Tekken community.

This Pakistani gamer, also came out victorious earlier this year at the 2019 Evo Japan event. He was 11 years old when he started playing, whilst during 2018 het began participating in tournaments worldwide!

During 2018, at the OUG Tournament he toppled ‘Knee’, the gaming legend. He won all his games which came as a surprise to the whole community, delivering outstanding performances.

During an interview, he revealed that “Ash”, his gaming name, comes from Ash Ketchum & Ash Crimson, both his favourite characters.

Siddiqui, originally became known for playing the role of The King of Fighters. He became the Number 1 Pakistani player in the Tekken Tag Tournament-2 & The King of Fighters-XIII.

Tekken 7 is an extremely popular  fighting arcade game amongst teenagers & young players.

Siddiqui astounded the entire Tekken community by his brilliant performances. He had beaten famous Tekken players, including: Book, Knee, Cherryberrymango, Chanel, Jimmyjtran, AK & LowHigh!

He shared a photo of the arena, prior to the tournament.

Check out his fight against Knee here:

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