ARY Digital has released the first teaser of Iqra Aziz starrer “Jhooti”


In the modern era, TV serials and shows have become a source for women to highlight their importance in society. Almost every drama serial producing in Pakistan is discussing some of the social evils that are eating our society.

ARY Digital has released the first teaser of Iqra Aziz starrer “Jhooti”

Iqra Aziz and Ahmed Ali Butt starrer “Jhooti” has received a storm of criticism as soon as the first teaser came out. People bashed at the story and the concept. People are not getting why they are producing drama serials like this?

Iqra Aziz’s character in this serial is that of a liar who always lied and so nobody trusts her. She refused to marry a person who is not up to her expectations. She wants something else from her life.

The first teaser of the drama revealed how she lied about being subjugated and oppressed. She was seeing complaining to someone about her life. She revealed how her husband beats her over ironing his clothes imperfectly. However, later on, her expressions and dialogues showed that whatever she said was all a lie. Here’s the teaser,

Actual victims of the domestic violence

Well, people are losing their control as the serial is actually poking fun at the actual victims of the domestic violence. Some thought that this would encourage those who are oppressing. Women have been portrayed as the universal liars and this is an insult to those innocent women who suffer at their in-laws.

In our society, the idea of domestic violence is already ignored and with these types of drama serials coming forward, people will lose their trust in the oppressed women. They will start believing that women always lied about their sufferings.

Here is all the criticism from the local public,


However, we are still unaware of the strategies of the team behind “Jhooti”. Would it be able to tackle the theme smartly or would it fail to impress the audience? No clues, unless the serial go on air.

In order to observe the concept and theme of the serial, we have to see what it will hold for all of us.

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