Asad Umar stepping down as Finance minister

Pakistani awam is reacting upon Asad Umar’s stepping down as Finance minister


The abrupt removal of the corporate leader-turn-politician Asad Umar from the top position of the finance ministry has met with the mixed reactions from the people.

“He should not have left at this time as this is not the right time,” the veteran businessman Siraj Kassam Teli has stated while expressing his concern over the removal just before the federal budget announcement.
Asad Umar has told the media personnel that it was time to take some difficult decisions.

People across the country have shared their views on the removal of Asad Umar from the top position of Finance Minister.

The PTI haters have got a chance to judge PTI government and Asad Umar. They were ridiculing the current government and its policies.

However, a handful of people were saddened by this abrupt development.

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