Asia Game Changers Award to Be Presented to Sana Mir


The Asia Society selected Sana Mir, the ex-captain of the Pakistani women cricket team to be presented with the esteemed Asia Game Changers Award.

The Asia Society issued a statement that Mir will receive this award together with another five women who have exceeded in their particular fields.

In its statement, the Asia Society said it recognized Sana Mir as one amongst the world’s finest cricket players and ex captain of the national team of Pakistan, a torchbearer for women, participating in a sport, dominated by men and it will be honoring her.

Mir will receive the award on 24 October 2019, at an award ceremony taking place within New York City.

On an annual basis the Asia Society honors leaders who are game changers from different backgrounds and a wide geographic scope. This year will be the first time all the award winners are women.

Josette Sheeran, CEO and the President of Asia society said that its Asia Game Changers of 2019, are women who are groundbreakers where gender equality is concerned. They are making tremendous contributions to social structures and the society inside their countries of origin.

They are inspirational representatives of change, whilst making the world a better place, not only for women, but everyone by changing the game, changing the rules. Thus, challenging all people to follow their example.

As per the website of Asia Society, Sana Mir was chosen for this renowned award for exceeding in one amongst the world’s topmost sports whilst she is an inspiration to millions of girls, both on & off the field.

Mir’s success poses to be a guiding star within a country where a lot of women are still struggling for basic rights.

Mir, not resting on her accolades, is also a straightforward advocate for the rights of women. She works to change her society’s attitude regarding the participation of women in the sport of cricket, which is traditionally dominated by men, and beyond.

Being an enthusiastic user of social media, Sana Mir has hundreds of thousands of followers. She uses her platform, advocating for all things varying from making cricket programs compulsory for schoolgirls to ending advertisements of body shaming.

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