Asif Ghafoor response to wear Military Caps

Major General Asif Ghafoor’s response to wear Military Caps/Shirts during PSL Final


Pakistan cricket fans have expressed their desire to wear military caps or shirts during the PSL Final to express solidarity with the Pakistan Army. A campaign started by some of the cricket fans to wear military shirts or caps.

However, the Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) took to his twitter account that he actually respects the emotions and feelings of the cricket fans for the Pakistan Army. But he has advised them not to wear military style shirts and caps. According to him, supports are beyond politics. He stated,

“Dear Pakistanis you are desirous to put on military style caps/shits during PSL Final. Pak armed forces humbly acknowledge your love and support. Sports are beyond politics & we believe that our bondage is beyond such gestures alone.”

He further advised Pakistanis to enjoy the game in “City of Lights”.

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