Askari Park Reopens in Karachi

Askari Park Reopens in Karachi


After being closed for about six months, the famous Askari Park is again on the map. The rumor goes that the park is under new management now. The park that was located at the old Sabzi Mandi site now reopens in Karachi.
The reason for its being locked last year was an accident which was resulted in the death of a little girl. It was indeed terrifying news for the parents.

According to the recent news, Brigadier Shahzad, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Askari Park, has told the reporters that after a change in management the park had been reopened. He said, “This Park is under new management. We have tried to adopt all the international standards which are followed so such an accident does not happen again.”
He further goes on stating that, “There have been inspections in the last six months. The civil administration was also involved. KMC’s team carried out its investigation too.”
He informed that to avoid the untoward incidents any more, they have assigned a maintenance team that will ensure the rides to be safe. He added, “On our end, we called in experts who worked with Disneyland to inspect the rides at the Park.”
Further, he has made it clear that The Supreme Court has also given the orders to reopen the park. Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah have ordered the parks to be opened for the public.
We can only hope that such unexpected incidents would never happen again.


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