Asma Torture Case

Asma Torture Case: Accused Faisal has a long criminal record


Lahore: Suspect Faisal, who was detained for torturing his wife and making her an object for physical violence in front of his friends has a long criminal history in Punjab Police.

According to the details police report, Faisal has allegedly involved in several more cases related to robbery and burglary. He was spotted in Punjab Police’ ‘Wanted List’.
A new revelation has been made in Asma torture case when Faisal who was accused of torturing his wife, discloses that both he and Asma were addicted to drugs.

During the investigation process, the suspect told police officials about something that has changed the whole view of the story told by Asma. He said that he and his wife were addicted to drugs and the night, this incident has taken place, and they were not in their senses because of having a heavy dose of drugs. They were having ice heroin when this nasty incident occurred.

Asma Torture Case Medical Reports

The medical reports of Asma revealed that she was subjected to physical violence very badly. There are marks of violence on her body. Several injuries at different parts of the body have been detected by the report. Her fingers bore scratch marks and were swollen. She had scratch marks on her left ear and cheek.

It stated that there was redness and watering in her left eye, however, her vision was not affected. There are also torture marks on her face, the report said.

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