Assembly seats exceeded for Fata

Assembly seats exceeded for Fata; 26th Constitutional Amendment bill passed unanimously


Islamabad : National Assembly passed 26th constitutional amendment bill unanimously.288 votes favored while no was against. Prime Minister Imran khan was present in session.

Mohsin Dawar tabled this bill. After passing the bill the seats of National assembly for Fata exceeded to 12 from 6, while Provincial assembly seats were 24 from 16. Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser congratulated all the members for passing this bill unanimously.

Now let’s hope for the structural improvements in FATA as well because people of that area always had complaints such as:

  • development projects are not a lot in this area
  • not a sufficient representation of FATA in national assembly to highlight the major issues there
  • if FATA people wanted to pass some special bill then they had to look for others, as they had no voting powers

2019 bill can give them some positive hope.

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